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GBA Summer Program for 11th Grade and Above

posted 02/20/2017
Spring 2017 AAU Tryouts - Grades 4-7

Greenwich Flame AAU is a competitive AAU basketball program. We are dedicated to building each and every player's confidence and providing them with the drills and discipline necessary to improve their skills on the court.

All players will have the opportunity to play in 6 different tournaments which will occur every other weekend from March until mid-June.


please note locations and dates have been changed to avoid clashes with GBA playoffs.

** Players are encouraged to attend all tryout dates to best showcase their abilities.  If your son has a conflict with any of the dates or you have any questions about the program please email


LOCATION:    Central Middle School (please note change of location)
WHEN:          March 7th and March 14th (both Tuesdays)  (please note change of dates)
WHO:            4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade players active in GBA House and Travel
TIME:            6:30-7:30 - 4th and 5th grade  
                    7:30-8:30 - 6th  7th and 8th grade
PRICE:             $875
REGISTRATION:  Pre registration is required and is now open.  Click here for link to registration. 

All team's primary defense is man-to-man. Coaches will only implement a zone defense when they feel the team has grasped the fundamental defensive concepts of man-to-man.  We feel the development of player's "basketball IQ's" and creativity come from rules and guidelines rather than robotic and outdated "set-plays." Every situation in basketball requires split second decision-making. Our focus will be on teaching our players HOW TO PLAY rather than just teaching them how to run plays. Players learn the importance of playing TOGETHER, thinking on their feet, and reacting to their opponents. This will contribute to their own development, and the team's development. The harder they practice, the more it will impact their playing time; coaches recognize and reward this personal commitment.

posted 02/19/2017
GBA Playoffs Grades 4 - 12

The schedules for Grades 4 - 12 are now available on our web site.  To view your schedule please go to the GBA Website, click on team and when you reach your team's home page, click on "brackets" on the left hand side.

  • There are approximately 150 playoff games played during this period for Grades 4 through 12.
  •  We cannot rearrange game dates and times due to personal conflicts.  
  • Please pay attention to game number, game time and game location for each round of the tournament.  That is how you know where and when your next game will be played. 
  • Teams keep playing until they lose a second time.  That is when we will collect those jerseys. 
  • The schedule for Grades 9 - 12 ONLY from Saturday 25th February onwards has yet to be confirmed by GHS, but is consistent with the schedule in prior years.  We will advise of any changes as soon as we are notified by GHS, if necessary.


posted 02/19/2017
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